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Introducing Sardab Group

SARDAB construction group is the result of family company which has activity in construction & designing fileds for 4 decades and after tragic shock in summer 1397,because of missing ALIREZA SARDAB,pioneer of SARDAB construction group,we make decision to continue this way that has been around for decades both strongly and seriously. God willing and with help of all professors and pioneers of this industry, this team has grown from 4 person group to 38 person group with an average age of 28 years old.

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Our Process

We celebrate design’s ability to solve problems, and the best solutions come from truly understanding our clients’ challenges. We listen to our clients and see them as collaborators in the design process. Extending this collaboration to the communities in which we live and work, we seek to draw out a common vision from a diversity of voices. Our studio was founded on the belief that such diversity lends richness to the design process and the buildings that emerge from it.


Design is powerful. It can be employed in service of or in opposition to the common good. As designers, we play an indispensable role in realizing a more equitable future. Good design is also a collaborative act. For a project to serve and empower its community, the voices of that community must be heard and integrated into the design process. Our work strives to create places where people can see their identities and stories reflected in their everyday surroundings. Accordingly, we are accountable to our clients but responsible to many.



Architecture is a risky business. If a writer writes a bad book, people won't read it. But if the architect does a good job, he has been bad for a hundred years.

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I believe architecture is the art of realism. You need to start with the foundation for art.

Yu Ming Pei



Our purposes

Prerserving identity in iranian architecture to creat a pleasant atmosohere.

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