Tin House / sauermartins

The monolithic piece is permeated by a garden that connects the building to its surrounding natural landscape. Through its courtyard scheme, the house gains an inner garden that frames the view of the neighboring preserved trees and, at the same time, provides privacy to the internal spaces.

3 Square House / Studio Puisto

    The building consists of three interlocking square masses. The locations of the spaces in different masses are strictly distributed according to the functions; the main mass contains the living, sleeping and dining areas, and the smaller ones have sauna and utility facilities, garage and technical facilities. The core of the main mass and the side masses are within the same coordinate system, which clarifies the connections between the spaces and calms the spatial experienc

    Soul Garden House / Spacefiction Studio

      The smallest plot size available in most of the residential layouts of the city is about 200sqyards or 170 sqmts. A Large requirement on such a small plot called for an introverted solution with a garden at the center, around which the rest of the spaces function. This garden was lifted up to accommodate parking, a room for the domestic help and a games room on the stilt floor. An extra room was added on the terrace for guests.

      DA House / Bernardo Bustamante Arquitectos

      The plot is located on the edge of the slope and the valley, so it was sought to place the house at the highest level, to obtain the best possible views. The project is a perpendicular bar to the street, which feeds on the best orientation and allows a large garden whose perception expands with the street and at the same time gives green to the public space.

      Ozgol Apartment / Hooba Design Group

        The new urban development of Tehran in the recent decades has imposed alterations to the ratio of open and semi-open spaces to the closed spaces in residential units. These changes has enormously affected the lifestyle of Tehranians in the recent years to such and extend that smaller apartment units have minimum access to open or semi-open spaces. The research focus of this project was to explore the urgent need for new residential models in Tehran.

        Frame House / Stemmer Rodrigues Arquitetura

        Another project principle was the optimization of the original profile of the land and its morphology. In order to respect it, the program was settled in a way that could allow the minimum possible of soil movement. A pre-tensioned flat slab and a meticulous landscape reinterpreted the car shelter, on the street level. From it, it is possible to access the entrance hall, which has the staircase and the elevator. On the upper floor, the living room, dining room and kitchen integrate with the terraces and pool generating a single and big living area. The rooms were arranged on the upper floor facing the south, with the best view, but with the sheds facing north. A strong project position is demonstrated by the use of wood, concrete and steel, in a controlled and legible way. The utilization of vivid colors in punctual elements, like the orange countertop of the kitchen and the blue dining table, contrast with the general monochrome.